Month: August 2021

Have You Heard about CBN for Sleep?

Users have reported that CBN helps to promote sleep by inducing a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Our Drift CBN Tincture is crafted by carefully blending CBN, supercritical CO2 CBD Distillate, and hemp-derived terpenes delivered to the body in nutritious, refined hemp seed oil.

CBD and Spine Pain

If pain, spinal or otherwise, has become a part of your daily life, consult your doctor and consider a daily regimen of high quality hemp-derived CBD. Whether it is our Full Spectrum Lotion, Menthol Roll-On, a tincture, or our gel cap option, all Sycamore BioPharma products offer you a potent, thoroughly tested, affordable source of CBD that is always formulated to the highest standards.

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