Have You Heard about CBN for Sleep?

When it comes to hemp and cannabinoids, the special molecules found exclusively in the hemp and cannabis plant, CBD may win the popularity contest. But did you know that scientists have identified at least 113 of these unique compounds so far? Cannabinol, also known as CBN, is quickly gaining attention for its range of potential therapeutic uses.

Users have reported that CBN helps to promote sleep by inducing a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Our Drift CBN Tincture is crafted by carefully blending CBN, supercritical CO2 CBD Distillate, and hemp-derived terpenes delivered to the body in nutritious, refined hemp seed oil.

These powerful, all-natural ingredients may be just the evening tonic you need to promote a restful night’s sleep without the morning fog of traditional sleep aides. Trust the purity and quality of Sycamore BioPharma to set you drifting off to sleep the natural way.

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