How To Dose And Time Your CBD

Like any other active botanical ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD) affects everyone differently. Measuring your dosage is crucial to maintaining your body’s homeostasis and getting the desired effect.

Dosage is also dependent on your body weight, metabolism, and activity level.

Different doses can result in alertness or sedation, making the timing of your CBD equally important.

In some cases, less is more! Studies have shown that low doses of CBD (5-15MGS) are found to be stimulating (Nicholson, Turner et al. 2004). This study also showed that CBD counteracted the sedative effects of THC at these low doses.

Alternatively, higher doses of CBD (160-600MGS) are shown to be sedative (Zuardi 2008).

In human trials completed in the 1970s-80s, patients with insomnia taking a 160MG dose of CBD significantly increased sleep duration relative to a placebo (Carlini and Cunha 1981).

Based on the available data, the dosage and time of administration significantly impact the application’s outcome. This is due to the odd observation that low doses of CBD (25-50MG) promote wakefulness and higher dosages (>150MGS) promote sleep.

Need to promote sleep or control inflammation, pain, anxiety? Plan on taking 150MG or more of CBD.

Ready to start the day? Use a lower dose of CBD, 25-50MG in the morning.

Our Aligned CBD tincture contains 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD (1oz.) with 25MG of CBD per serving (0.5mL).


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